[ETA] Banff enjoying the scenery of the Rocky Mountains

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-22

Do you know Banff, Canada, the center of the Rocky Mountains, where many people choose to travel before they die?
Banff, where you can visit through ETA, is one of the cities where you can enjoy beautiful nature. If you visit Canada
It's a must-visit place. It's high above sea level, so it has cool temperatures even in summer. The snowy landscape
I'd like to introduce you to some really beautiful Banff tourist attractions. If you're curious, should we go together?


If you've been to Banff, I'd recommend Banff National Park. It's located on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains
It was opened in 1885 as the first natural park in Canada, with large-scale glaciers, lakes, hot springs, wildlife and other tourist resources
It's a great place to go sightseeing because it's rich and has campgrounds and accommodations. It has a bright turquoise lake and
I recommend you to enjoy the harmony of the mountains


You should enjoy hot springs in cold places, right? I recommend Banff Sulphur Hot Springs. It's located in the highest part of Canada
It was first discovered in the 1930s as a mineral sulfur hot spring, and it is operating as much as possible in its original form
The attraction is that you can see the view of the Rocky Mountains while taking a hot spring. Swimming suits and towels are also available for rent after traveling
I think it's good to recover your tired body in a hot spring


For those who want to capture the magnificent view of the Rocky Mountains, I recommend Banff Gondola while trekking
You may feel it, but it's not an easy choice. If you ride a gondola, you can see the magnificent view from the observatory
You can make an online reservation, so I recommend you make a reservation, and even in the gondola to the observatory, the scenery
You can enjoy it, so you can go up to the observatory while enjoying the scenery. There's a restaurant at the top
If you have a chance, I think it would be a good idea to eat at this restaurant while looking at the scenery!

I introduced you to Banff, Canada, where you can visit if you have an ETA. Please apply for an ETA before entering the country
How about enjoying the beautiful scenery of Banff? I recommend Banff, Canada, which is essential for ETA!


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