Visit ETA Vancouver and feel the city and nature at the same time!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-23

Do you know Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada? It is located on the uppermost coast of the Northwest region of North America
It's a city with so many things to see, so if you visit Canada by CANADA, I recommend you to visit Vancouver!
Then I'll quickly introduce it for the visitors to Canada


Let me introduce you to Vancouver Stanley Park, a park in the middle of the city
Stanley Park is a large park reminiscent of Central Park in New York, and it is accessible by foot, bicycle, and vehicle
I recommend this place to people who want to enjoy Vancouver's nature and city center together. There are various amusement facilities
It's good to visit as a family, so if you go to Vancouver, visit and enjoy your time!


Next up is Granville Island, which has the best public market in Vancouver, full of things to see and eat
During the summer weekend, various performances such as busking and magic are held, so you can feel the exotic local atmosphere!
You can buy fresh vegetables, fruits, seafood, and more at the market, and eat at the food court while enjoying the scenery!


Finally, this is Canada Place, where the world's most famous cruises dock. Not only expos, but also fairs, exhibitions, international conferences
It's open. You can see the water planes floating and landing, and you can enjoy the view of North Vancouver across the street
It's a tourist attraction that's drawing attention. If you go nearby, I think you should visit

I introduced some tourist attractions in Vancouver, Canada. If you fill out an ETA, you can visit
Apply for ETACANADA and visit the beautiful city of Vancouver!

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