[ETA CANADA] I recommend Cadana natural attractions!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-30

Hello everyone, what comes to your mind first when you think of Canada where you can go to ETA? For me, the natural scenery such as autumn leaves, waterfalls, etc
It comes to mind first. What I'm going to introduce to you today is a spot where you can enjoy Canada's nature
If you need healing, I think it would be good to take a rest while looking at the beautiful nature. Then I'll introduce it right away!


The first is Yellowknife, the world's best aurora borealis observatory by NASA for 240 days throughout the year
It's an area where aurora appears, and there are no mountains that interfere with the view, so the possibility of seeing aurora even if you stay for three nights
It's a high place. If you want to appreciate the mysterious aurora, make sure to visit Yellowknife!


Next is Niagara Falls, one of the world's top three waterfalls along with Iguazu Falls and Victoria Falls
It's a wonderful waterfall where you can feel the wonders of nature. It's the most beautiful place to travel in the fall
It's a place, so I recommend you to visit in the fall, and don't miss the opportunity to see it up close with a cruise tour!


Lastly, Stanley Park in Vancouver. National Geographic is the most beautiful beach city in the world
Vancouver ranked 10th has easy access to the beach, and among them, Stenley Park is a combination of forests and beaches
It is famous for its sunset view. Likewise, you can feel the golden forest and the cool sea breeze when you visit in the fall
I recommend you visit in the fall. Relax and enjoy Stanley Park!

I've introduced some natural attractions that are good to visit when you visit Canada via ETA. Canada is a place where nature and cities
The harmony is really beautiful, so why don't you write CANADAETA and feel the beauty of Canada?
You can easily visit by filling out ETACANADA. Go on a trip to Canada!


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