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ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-17

Hello, everyone. Do you know Ottawa, the capital of Canada, the country of autumn leaves? Today, I'm going to visit some places in Ottawa that are worth visiting
I'd like to introduce you to Ottawa, where you can visit through ETACANADA
It's a place where security is safe, so you can have a fun trip in a safe place
Let me introduce you. Shall we look at the typo that goes to ETA?


The first is the Capitol of Canada, the seat of the Federal Parliament of Canada, the representative city of Ottawa
It's a tourist attraction. You can feel the grandeur and the beauty of a building built in the Victorian style
There's a guided tour, so you can listen to the instructions and watch the Capitol, and there's a lawn in front of the building
It's a place where you can watch in a variety of ways. If you visit Ottawa, I recommend it!


Next up is the Buyward Market, one of the oldest and largest farmers markets in Canada
You can see restaurants, clubs, coffee shops, boutiques, art, bakeries, chocolate shops, etc
There's a big market spread out over two or three blocks, so if you like to visit a local market, the Byward market is
Make sure you visit! Candyapples from Obama cookies, beavertails, and Rocky Mountain chocolate are a must-have!


Next up is the Lido Canal to secure a safe water route outside the U.S. artillery range in case of war with the U.S
It's the canal that was built. It's the only canal in the 19th century that remains, and it's a UNESCO World Heritage Site
You can enjoy jogging, cycling, canoeing, and kayaking. Canoeing and kayaking are available for rent, so please experience it
You can also board a cruise ship, so it would be a good idea to enjoy Ottawa while looking at the view of the lake!

As Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is the capital, there are many things to see. If you apply for Canada tour visa
You can visit Canada. Why don't you write CANADAETA and visit Canada with beautiful scenery?

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