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ETA portal | Updated on 2024-04-30

Do you feel like apply for EVISA and traveling to Phuket?

One of the biggest reasons people flock to Phuket is primarily its tropical beaches. 
Along the coastline unfolds picturesque beaches with soft white sands, combined with clear and warm waters, presenting some of the world's best scenery. 
If relaxation is the main purpose of your trip, you can spend your days playing in the water and lounging under the sun with a refreshing drink in hand.
For those seeking adventure, the beaches offer a plethora of water sports to enjoy. 
From surfing, snorkeling, sea kayaking, scuba diving, wakeboarding, kite surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, to windsurfing, there are countless sports to challenge yourself with. 
Each beach has its own unique charm and reasons to explore.

Let me introduce you to some of the most popular beaches in Phuket.


  • Patong Beach

Patong Beach is one of the most famous beaches on the island of Phuket, Thailand, nestled in the lively beach resort town of Patong.
Stretching approximately 2.8 kilometers, this beach boasts a long stretch of sandy shoreline merging with clear turquoise waters, creating a stunningly beautiful landscape.
Patong Beach is renowned as one of the places with the most diverse activities in Phuket. 
Along the beachfront, visitors can enjoy a wide range of activities, from water sports to marine recreation. 
Additionally, the vicinity of the beach is packed with street shops, restaurants, and bars, creating a vibrant atmosphere for tourists to enjoy. 
Rental sun loungers and umbrellas are also available for a comfortable rest.
Although always bustling with tourists, quieter beaches can be found by moving towards the north or south of Patong Beach. 
Many resorts located on these quieter beaches offer splendid rooms with stunning views of the beach and sea, providing a serene retreat for relaxation. 
Patong Beach is undoubtedly one of the must-visit destinations during a trip to Phuket.

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  • Kata Beach

Kata Beach is a serene stretch of sandy shoreline spanning approximately 1.6 kilometers, with clear waters, making it a vibrant family-friendly resort destination ideal for dream vacations. 
It is highly regarded as a place where visitors can enjoy Phuket's beautiful nature while spending leisurely moments.
At the southern end of Kata Beach, there are massage areas where one can relax while listening to the soothing sounds of the sea, allowing for a tranquil massage experience. 
Additionally, at the northern end of the beach, various activities such as scuba diving and sea kayaking can be enjoyed, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the visit.
Near Kata Beach, there are restaurants offering a variety of cuisines from around the world, allowing families to enjoy delicious meals together.
Furthermore, for families seeking fun nightlife activities, there are options available, ensuring enjoyable memories can be made both during the day and at night.

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  • Kata Noi Beach

Kata Noi Beach, located south of Kata Beach, is a smaller yet even more beautiful beach known for its serene waters that seem to beckon visitors. 
Particularly during the peak season, it offers perfect conditions for swimming with its clear and shallow waters, making it a sought-after destination for tourists.
At both ends of the beach, there are excellent spots for snorkeling, allowing visitors to enjoy marine life and breathtaking ocean views. During the peak season, surfers flock to the beach, bringing vibrancy to the shoreline.
Kata Noi Beach is renowned for its luxurious beach resorts and upscale restaurants, attracting those seeking a lavish retreat in Phuket. 
Additionally, the sunset viewed from the beach bar is unparalleled in its beauty, and the glimmering sunlight over the sea during dusk creates unforgettable memories for travelers. 
Kata Noi Beach is undoubtedly one of the must-visit beaches during a trip to Phuket.

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  • Karon Beach

Karon Beach is situated south of Patong Beach and north of Kata Beach on Phuket Island, striking a perfect balance between the two beaches. 
This expansive beach boasts a quieter atmosphere compared to Kata Beach to the north, making it highly popular among couples and families seeking tranquility.
Karon Beach is an ideal destination for relaxation and leisure, beloved by many as a resort getaway. 
The central area of the beach is bustling with various shops, restaurants, and bars, making it a great place to indulge in shopping, dining, and nightlife activities. 
It offers both a serene resort atmosphere and a vibrant city vibe, making it appealing to a diverse range of travelers.
Notably, at the southern end of Karon Beach, there are excellent snorkeling spots where visitors can admire marine life and stunning ocean views. 
With rental equipment available, snorkeling can be enjoyed comfortably, adding even more diversity to the beach activities. 
Karon Beach is undeniably one of the charming must-visit destinations during a trip to Phuket, offering a variety of experiences to enjoy.

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If you're planning to visit Phuket, make sure to apply for EVISA and prepare for your trip to Thailand! 


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