[E-VISA] Pattaya if you want to enjoy sightseeing and marine sports!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-22

Have you ever been to Thailand with various attractions through E-VISA? Today, I would like to introduce Pattaya in Thailand
If you are curious about Pattaya, a charming city where you can enjoy many things from historical sites to clear sea markets
Apply for EVISA and visit the place where I introduce you. Then I'll introduce you right away!


The temple of truth is a huge temple, 105m high and 100m in all directions, built exclusively of wood. Its first construction began in 1981
It's still under renovation, because the temple is entirely made of wood and corroded by the sea breeze
The interior reflects each religious view and architecture, so if you want to see various religions, visit!


If you've visited Pattaya, I recommend you to visit Kkoran Island. It's a V-shaped island near Pattaya and has about 10 surroundings
I have a beach. The water is really clear and clean. It's a good island to relax while looking at the ocean. Tawen Beach is the best
It is famous and is a good island to enjoy various marine sports such as water play, parasailing, jet ski, and banana boat
If you like playing in the water, make sure to visit!


Pattaya also has a very unique market. It's an artificial waterway that's been recreated for tourists
It's a large artificial water market called Pattaya Water Market, which was built on water by projecting teak wood or traditional wood
There are shops and houses. They sell specialties and crafts representing various parts of Thailand
Even if you don't buy it, you can take a boat to browse the market, so visit!

If you have E-VISA, you can visit Pattaya and experience various things. You are planning to visit Thailand
Travelers should apply for EVISA in advance and visit Pattaya. I recommend it!


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