[EVISA] Enjoying the Thai capital of Bangkok!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-24

Are you interested in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand and the center of Thai history, economy, culture and trends?
You can easily visit Bangkok if you apply for EVISA
Today, I'd like to show you the charm of Bangkok, Thailand, where you can see various temples and royal palaces!
If you're planning a trip to Bangkok, please refer to it and visit us. We'll introduce you right away!


If you arrive in Bangkok, I recommend you to tour the palace, the space where previous kings lived
It is one of Bangkok's representative tourist attractions where you can feel grandeur and splendor
Every time a new king was crowned, he built or expanded buildings, and they became the size they are now
There are some places that are open to the public, but I also recommend you to see the royal guardian temple, Wat Phrawoke!


The Wat For Temple, which is the oldest temple in Bangkok and the largest wabul in Thailand, was built in the 17th century
I recommend you to visit because it is one of the most famous temples in Thailand. The size of the Wabul that filled the Buddhist temple is
It gives you grandeur! Wat For Temple has a dress code, so check it out and visit!


You should also go to Kaosan Road, a must-see place for backpackers. Kaosan Road is a place where cheap restaurants are located,
It's a place where nightlife spots are gathered. It's packed with people who drink beer day and night
There are many massage shops, so many people relieve their fatigue. There are various kinds of souvenirs to street food, so visit!

There are many things to see and eat in Bangkok, Thailand, where you can visit with EVISA. If you have E-VISA, you can enjoy it
If you want to go on a trip to Bangkok, apply for EVISA and feel the charm of Bangkok!


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