[ETA] Traveling to Quebec, Canada!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-18

Hello, everyone. I think Canada is a country with beautiful scenery. So today, you can visit through ETACANADA
I would like to introduce several tourist attractions in Quebec, Canada! Quebec, which is famous for its good security in Canada
Let's find out what kind of tourist attractions there are. Then let's get started right away!

The first one is P.D. Champlan. It's already a famous street among Koreans. It's a Korean drama
It became famous as a place that appeared in "The Lonely and Great God." Walking through various shops and pretty European alleys
It's a great place to look around. If you go to Quebec, Canada, you should take a look!


Next is the Citadel of Quebec. Citadel is nicknamed Gibraltar of North America
It was the largest British stronghold ever, and it still operates as a military facility, so you can watch it with a guide
You have to do it. If you visit at 10 a.m., you'll see the changing of the guard, so make sure you visit on time!

Finally, the Notre Dame Cathedral in Quebec, where several fires broke out, and the stone building was completely rebuilt in 1922
The bell tower and the wall remain the same when it was built. When you step inside, you can see the colorful decorations
You can listen to guided tours, and if you visit on summer nights, you will be screening a show of light and sound using multimedia
Please take note and visit Notre Dame Cathedral!

I introduced you to tourist attractions in Quebec, Canada. You need to apply for an ETA to enter Canada
Apply in advance before traveling to CANADAETA and visit Quebec, Canada. I recommend it!


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