Indian food trip to EVISA!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-30

Indian food is a country with a culture full of spices. Today, for those who want to go on an Indian food journey with EVISA.
I would like to recommend what food to try when you go to India. What foods should you try in India?
If you're worried, try the food I recommend and experience India. Now let me recommend Indian food!


When you order Indian food, the first food that comes to mind is curry. There are a variety of dishes using spices.
If you're not used to the scent of spices, it may be a bit overwhelming, but once you get into it, it's a scent that's hard to get rid of.
Leaves are made by adding various ingredients such as chicken, lamb, seafood, etc. and putting the fermented flour dough in an oven.
It is even more delicious when eaten with baked Indian bread naan.


If you've been to India, you should have tried Cholevature, which is fried flour bread dipped in curry with chickpeas
It's food. It's very popular in India and it's very attractive because of its crispy and chewy texture
It is a dish from Punjab, India. If you visit India, you should try it!


Next is Samosa. Samosa is seasoned with spices such as seasoned potatoes, peas, and minced meat
It's an Indian dumpling that's crispy fried. It's usually made in a triangle shape and fried. It's easy to find in restaurants
Since it's food, if you visit India, I recommend you to eat it lightly

There are so many other foods such as Ra and tandoori chicken, so go around India and visit local restaurants to taste the local food
If you have E-VISA, you can visit India. Apply for INDIAN VISA and experience the beauty and taste of India!

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