[E-VISA] Let's go to Mumbai, India!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-23

Mumbai EVISA, the city of Indian art and the home of the film industry that produces the largest number of films in the world
It is a city where there are many different tourist attractions to visit. If you dream of traveling to India, I recommend you to visit Mumbai as well
Let me introduce you to Mumbai tourist attractions where you can see from unique architecture to various UNESCO World Heritage sites!


If you've been to the Mombai, you should see Gateway of India. In 1911, King George V of England
It's a memorial to India, and it's called the Taj Mahal of Mumbai, which represents Mumbai tourism
It is a tourist attraction, and hotel shopping centers are concentrated around Gate of India, so it can be said to be a tourist center


Next is the end of the Chhatrapati Shivaji, where the architecture of India and England is clearly visible
Built over a decade from 1878, Mumbai's landmark was constructed following the Victorian High Gothic style, which was based on Italian architecture in the late Middle Ages. Indian and British architecture was built during more than a decade of construction
We've created a beautiful structure with the right mix, so make sure to visit!


Lastly, the house and museum where the peace symbol Bahatma Gandhi lived from 1917 to 1934
Originally, it was the house where Gandhi's friend lived, but Gandhi often stayed in that period to commemorate Gandhi
They took over the house and are now using it as a museum. If you visit Mumbai, I recommend you stop by!

There are various buildings and historic sites in Mumbai. There is also a movie theater, so you should visit and see the charm of Mumbai, India
Get out. You can easily visit India with E-VISA, so make sure to apply for EVISA and visit!


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