[ESTA] Harmony between nature and the city, Seattle

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-18

Hello, everyone. Today is a nature-friendly city with lots of lakes, rivers, and seas that can be reached by ESTA
I would like to introduce you to Seattle in the United States, where the headquarters of world-class companies are gathered!
In Seattle, an attractive city where you can enjoy nature peacefully while looking at the headquarters of famous companies
For those traveling, I will introduce various tourist attractions! Then I will introduce them right away!


The first is The Spears, whose employees are innovative and can see from the sidelines the corporate buildings of Amazon, a global company
It's a dome-shaped transparent building created for the working environment, and it's full of plants, and it's emitting a presence among the buildings
You can see more than 40,000 kinds of plants, trees, and waterfalls, and only on the first and third Saturdays of the end of the period
We're open, so if you have the right schedule, please make a reservation and visit!


Next is the Ferris wheel. The Seattle Ferris wheel, which gives you a view of Seattle from the sky, is more interesting than a normal observatory
You can watch it, so it's good to visit with children, so take pictures or take a look at the view slowly
It's a great place. Seattle is also a symbol, so I recommend you visit!


Lastly, Kerry Park, a hot place famous for its night view in Seattle, enjoys a picnic, relaxation, and exercise
It's a park that many people use as a space where you can do it. Various plants are planted, so it feels different from season to season
As it becomes a park, you can see Alkay Beach, Union Lake, and Rainier Mountain at a glance, and the observation deck, Space Needle, is the best
It's also a beautiful looking point, so please visit and enjoy the night view!

So today, I introduced you to Seattle in the U.S. To visit Seattle, you can apply for ESTAUSA
Since you can visit, I hope you can visit Seattle by filling out USAESTA in advance before traveling!
Have a great trip to Seattle with the attractions I've introduced you to!


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