[ESTA] Los Angeles, the home of movies

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-22

The second most populous city in the U.S. after New York, where Hollywood is leading the global film industry.
Do you know where I can visit on ESTA? It's Los Angeles, which is also called L.A
Many tourists are visiting. So today, we are going to look into tourist attractions in Los Angeles, the United States!
If you're going to LA, please pay attention to it. Then I'll introduce you to the tourist attractions right away!


Once you've been to L.A., you can't leave out Universal Studios Hollywood. It's the only movie studio in the world
It is a place where you can enjoy the theme park rides at once, and it is a theme park that can be enjoyed by all ages
Studio tours, Super Nintendo World, 3D Transformers, Jurassic Park, Minions, and many more!
Why don't you visit Universal Studios, a theme park that even young children love?


If you've been to Universal Studios, you should have been to Hollywood, right? The atmosphere of Hollywood, the home of movies
It's a good tourist destination just by walking on the street while enjoying it. There are many souvenir shops
You can also check out the handprints of famous actors. Take a picture in front of your favorite actor's handprint!


How about taking a look at the night sky in Los Angeles? Griffith Observatory, a public observatory on Mount Hollywood
You can take a look at the night sky of Los Angeles through the large 12-inch astronomical telescope, which has been around since 1935
It's open for free. It's for kids. It's got astronomy-related videos, laser shows, exhibitions, etc
You can freely view it, go out of the building and head to the back to get a view of downtown Los Angeles!
Take a look at the night sky and downtown Los Angeles!

There are many different tourist attractions in Los Angeles. If you like movies, you should visit
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