A tour of Hawaii tourist attractions with ESTA!

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-01-17

Hello, everyone. The place I'm going to introduce to you today is Hawaii, where you can go to ESTA USA!
Hawaii was the 50th state in the United States and was chosen by many as a honeymoon or vacation destination, referred to as a paradise in the Pacific Ocean
Today, I'd like to introduce various tourist attractions in Hawaii, where you can visit ESTA. Then let's get started right away!


First of all, it is Waikiki Beach, which reminds me of Hawaii. Starting from Kahanamoku Beach in the west to Kaimana Beach in the east
It is about 3.2km of beach. The combination of clear sea and palm trees is really beautiful, and it is good to take a walk in the evening while watching the sunset
There are many different restaurants and hotels nearby, so I'll stay nearby, wake up looking at the sea in the morning, and watch the sunset in the evening
I recommend you to have a happy time with your lovers, friends, and family!


Next is Diamond Head, Hawaii. It's a volcano in Oahu that's famous for hiking trails
It's not too long, so it's good to trek lightly. I recommend you reserve an admission ticket and watch the sunrise early in the morning
Trekking with a view of the blue sea overlooking the mountains will give you a fresh start to the day!


And finally, Iolani Palace. It's the only palace in the U.S. that's in downtown. It's from 1882 during the Hawaiian Dynasty
Built during the reign of King Calakaua, it follows a Western style of architecture. Inside, the palace was recreated
Magnificent trees are located on one side of the front yard. I recommend you take a tour like a walk before entering downtown Waikiki!

So we learned about Hawaii tourist attractions today. If you fill out the ESTA, you can tour the tourist attractions I told you today!
ESTA VISA is a must when entering the U.S., so make sure to fill it out and have a great trip to the U.S.!


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