If you’re curious about tourist destinations you can visit with an India e-Visa, I recommend it!

ETA portal | Updated on 2023-11-17

Hello everyone, have you ever visited India? A tourist destination that comes to mind when you think of India
There are so many different things. For those of you who are planning to visit India, where should you go?
I would like to recommend whether you should go sightseeing. Let's start with a guide for an enjoyable trip to India!

1. Taj Mahal

When it comes to India, the Taj Mahal seems to be the most famous. It is one of the seven wonders of the world and was built by Emperor Shah Jahan.
This is a tomb built for Queen Mumtaz Mahal. It was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983.
It is a palace-style tomb, showing great grandeur. It is neat and clean with perfect left-right symmetry.
It is a space that gives you a feeling of beauty and splendor, from the garden to the building, where you can feel the king's love.
It can be said to be a building. If you visit India after completing EVISA, I recommend you to visit it.

2. Varanasi

If you visit India, you should also tour the Ganges River. You can see it when you visit Varanasi.
It was believed that bathing in the river in Varanasi, a Hindu holy city, would wash away sins and make wishes come true.
The ghats, where several rivers meet, are representative historical sites, and bathing, funerals, and various religious activities are held here.
The sunset along the Ganges River is very pretty, so it would be nice to sit by the river and enjoy some leisurely time.

3. Mumbai

Mumbai is the home of the film industry and the city of art in India. It is also famous for its street food.
You can try a variety of local foods. Mumbai has India Gate, Marine Drive, and India's
The landmark Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mani Bhavan Museum, where Gandhi resided, and the world's largest museum.
This is a recommended place because you can access various tourist attractions such as the laundry area and Dhobi Ghat. If you have an e-Visa,
You can visit and see a variety of scenery!

4. Jodhpur

It is a walled city in Rajasthan, also called the Blue City for its blue walls and roofs!
If you go up, you can see the walls and Mehrangarh Castle, and the view of Jodhpur from above is also spectacular.
The walls and houses are covered in blue, so it's great for taking pictures, and the view from the top of the castle wall is great.
The sunset is also very pretty, so it seems like a good place to visit at least once.

I have recommended tourist destinations in India like this. India is a tourist destination both naturally and culturally.
There seem to be a lot of attractions. If you are planning a trip, e Visa is required, so fill it out.
I hope you have a safe trip. Thank you for watching!
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