ESTA and tourist destinations to enjoy New York travel properly!

ETA portal | Updated on 2023-11-15

Hello, everyone. When you think of the U.S., which city is the best
Do you think of it first I think of the most trendy city, New York. Everyone is talking about New York
I'm sure you've had a little bit of romance So today, I'm going to visit a place that's worth visiting in New York
Let's find out where it is and which tourist attractions are famous and see how to write ESTA together!

1. 1. New York Times Square

If you want to travel around the eastern part of the United States, you must visit Times Square
I recommend you to watch the colorful square that you only saw on TV Various electronic boards are shining in the city
The night view is so bright. There are so many things to enjoy. If you want to travel in New York
Please fill out the ESTA and visit Times Square!

2. 2. Statue of Liberty

New York's landmark, the Statue of Liberty, can be toured on a ferry
The ferry also sells food, so you can enjoy a simple meal
You can take a look at the Brooklyn Bridge and other views of New York, and even the Statue of Liberty
It's a ferry tour, so if you want to enjoy it briefly
I recommend it and it would be great to get off the boat and enjoy the Statue of Liberty up close!

3. 3. Rockefeller Center, Top of the Rock

Rockefeller Center is a commercial building in various forms, and it's a very large building
It's a fun place to see people in the central square because a variety of people gather
It's a space you have to go through to get to the Top of the Rock Observatory, so I recommend you take a look
Top of the Rock offers a full view of Manhattan's highlight, the Empire State Building
It's an observatory overlooking the city. I think it's an observatory that comes to mind when you think of New York
It's a place where you can enjoy the sunset, so you have to make a reservation at sunset time
The night view is so beautiful. If you want to see the scenery, it would be nice to write an ESTA and visit, right?

4. 4. Central Park

New York's most famous Central Park It's a huge scale, so a lot of people
It's a place to visit Since the park is so big, it's better to ride a bike, run, or take a walk
It's great. It's a great place to enjoy picnics when it's nice, so you can relax during your trip to New York
If you want to enjoy it, we recommend taking a walk with bread and a cup of coffee in Central Park!

Today, we looked at tourist attractions in New York I have to write an ESTA before I travel
If you click the button below, you can easily write it, so please refer to it and have a nice trip Thank you!

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