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ETA portal | Updated on 2023-12-06

Hello everyone, did you know that there are so many different tourist attractions in Korea? natural scenery, delicious food
I think Korea is a great country to enjoy traditions. It's a country that maintains its old culture and makes progress in the present
Korea is the country that I'm not missing out on. Today, I'm here with KOREA ETA
I would like to introduce Busan, the second largest city in Korea. It is a city where you can enjoy both a sophisticated city and a beach
Let's start introducing Busan right away!


Busan is Korea's second largest city with a large population and many tourist attractions to enjoy!
There are a lot of movies in the background. There are places where you can enjoy Haeundae, Gwangalli, and other beaches
There is also a place where you can enjoy the clear sea like Gijang. There is a beach train in Gijang
If you visit Busan, I think you'll get a good experience if you ride it

Since Busan is a port city, the fish market is also developed. I recommend Jagalchi Market
At Jagalchi Market, you can try various fish such as grilled fish and eel
At the nearby Bupyeong market, you can try seed hotteok, Busan-style tteokbokki, water rice cake, and so on

If you visit Busan, you can ride a sea cable car across the sea, and if you go up by cable car
There is also a time capsule to store letters. Since it is kept for two years, memories of traveling to Korea are in Busan
I think I can recommend you to leave it behind!

There are many things to eat and enjoy. If you've been to Seoul, visit Busan
I hope you have a different experience from Seoul. If you visit Korea, you need to fill out the K-ETA form
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