Mother's Restaurant
401 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70130
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4.2/5 (14366)
(504) 523-9656


Popular cafeteria-style joint drawing crowds with po' boys & down-home Southern fare since 1938.


401 Poydras St, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA


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Kuulei Alfiche
This was a great restaurant. I spent two days looking for a regular place to eat that wasn’t over the top commercialized, over priced or geared towards the experience versus the food. Mother’s is located just off the French Quarters but an easy walk from there. Their food was very good. They had a great selection of the traditional local food and the price was fair. We were able to get to plates for around $30. The dining area was really basic but comfortable enough to enjoy the meal. The staff was very helpful since I have never had creole food before and the staff was happy to help explain and show pics of their food. Also, the food was very good. The gumbo and jambalaya was the best we’ve tried so far. As you walk in they hand you a menu and you continue to the register to order your food. You order and they hand you your receipt and someone comes by and picks that up and brings your food right to you. Very simple and enjoyable.
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A New Orleans favorite, we were told so had to try it. There was a long line outside but it went quickly. You order the food - cafeteria style then find a table and wait for your order. From the outset, the place looks small but you soon realize there are several rooms that can accommodate a lot of diners. The fried chicken was nicely cooked- no grease and just the right amount of crunch. The potato salad side was smooth and delicious. My husband had the Debris PoBoy which was great. Catfish platter was good too. The only thing that didn’t go well was the red wine which came out warm, other than that, the place was a gem of an experience. Definitely worth visiting.
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Joanne Davies
I don’t have much experience with debris or baked ham to judge if it’s the world’s best but it was certainly delicious. Great prices for NOLA too and staff was great. It’s a bit confusing where you come in and have to get in line to order immediately without sitting down much time to read the menu so I recommend making your choices before you arrive. But for us this all added to vibe which we thoroughly enjoyed.
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Jennifer Bee
There was a lineup out the door and we knew that was a good sign. Cool atmosphere and attentive service. I enjoyed my first slice of sweet potato pie! Definitely recommend.
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Grace Hui
I recently dined at Mother's Kitchen in New Orleans, intrigued by its unique service style. The process involves waiting first outside, then inside to place your order, and finally settling at a table where a server collects your receipt and starts preparing your food. While the system was efficient, the food experience did not match up. My order included pancakes with smoked sausage, a biscuit with raspberry preserves, a custom-made omelette, and ham with side vegetables. Regrettably, the pancakes and biscuit were both dry and lacked flavor. The raspberry preserves were disappointingly liquidy, detracting from the overall taste. The omelette, which I had hoped to customize with spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes, was mistakenly filled with sausage instead of tomatoes, compromising my preference for a vegetarian meal. Moreover, the eggs in the omelette were overcooked. On a brighter note, the ham was satisfactory, but the accompanying vegetables were bland and unremarkable. Overall, my experience at Mother's Kitchen was underwhelming. The food did not live up to my expectations, marred by dryness and flavor issues. Despite its efficient service method, the culinary missteps and order inaccuracies make me hesitant to return or recommend it. It's a spot that might suit those looking for basic fare in New Orleans, but it didn't quite hit the mark for me.
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