How to K-ETA application step by step

admin | Updated on 2024-03-14

Please refer to the instructions on how to register K-ETA and be sure to enter the correct information to register K-ETA.

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1. Visit or click the Apply button.

2. If you agree to the terms of use and personal information collection, the K-ETA application will be processed.
Please confirm and agree to the Terms of Use and Personal Information Collection before proceeding with K-ETA registration.


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3. Enter your email and password.
Please be sure to enter your real email address. You will receive an approval result via email.
Please also enter your password to confirm your 1:1 inquiry and application result.

4. Please enter the details of the person registering for K-ETA.
If you do not enter the correct information, you may be penalized.


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5. Please attach a real passport photo and a headshot.
See below for instructions on how to upload photos for K-ETA registration.

K-ETA How to upload a photo for registration


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6. Once all the information is entered, Make a Payment to pay the K-ETA Fee fee with a card that accepts international payments.

7. After successful payment, you will receive an email notifying you that your registration is complete.


Check out our step-by-step guide on how to register for K-ETA, and we hope you all get approved and have a safe trip to Korea.

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