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▶ KOREA ELECTRONIC TRAVEL AUTHORIZATION (KETA) is a system in which foreigners who want to enter Korea for the purpose of tourism, visiting relatives, and participating in various events and meetings (for the purpose of profit, are permitted to enter Korea online).

▶ All foreigners who wish to enter the Republic of Korea due to transfer must apply for a visa exemption agreement (67 countries) and 45 countries where visa-free entry is allowed (45 countries).

▶ KETA is valid for up to two years from the date of approval unless important personal information such as name, state of affairs, and passport number is changed within the passport expiration date, and if important personal information is changed, it must be reapplied.

▶ It cannot be modified after submitting the application, and if you fill out the wrong information, you have to reapply.
If the K-ETA application information and passport information are inconsistent, you cannot board the aircraft/ship.
Please make sure to check the information you entered before the final payment.

▶ The following are the KETA exclusions
- diplomatic, official passport holder
- Korean visa holder, Korean registered foreigner
- Multiple citizens of the Republic of Korea (Holding a valid Korean passport)
- active-duty U.S. military personnel in Korea (entry for official purposes)
- Crew and crew (including prospective crew members)
- ABTC Holders (excluding the United States and Canada)
- UN Passport Holder (UNLP, LAISSEZ-PASSER)
- Transfer passengers (If you are on board for transfer purposes, you cannot enter without a pre-authorized K-ETA)

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