If you are traveling to Korea, you must K-ETA application.

ETA portal | Updated on 2024-05-13

If you are planning to travel to Korea, you must application K-ETA before visiting.
If you have planned all the accommodations and tourist attractions you want to visit in Korea, you can application K-ETA to enter Korea!

What is K-ETA?
These days, many people are looking for information about traveling to Korea.
Today, we will provide information on why the K-ETA system was introduced.
Let’s take a look right away to see how you can apply.



What is K-ETA?
K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization) is an online system that screens foreigners entering Korea.
You no longer need to apply for a visa.
The Korean government created K-ETA to solve the problem of travelers failing to pass immigration screening while trying to enter Korea through K-ETA.
People with K-ETA can enter Korea more quickly and easily by saving on filling out an immigration card.
Additionally, K-ETA application approval time is simpler and faster than regular visa application.
While regular visa approval takes about 14 business days, K-ETA only takes 24 hours on average.

Even if you already have a K-ETA, you do not need to fill out an immigration card, but you must go through immigration again.
Therefore, we recommend that you have your travel itinerary, bank statements, and K-ETA application ready.



Documents required for K-ETA application

  1. Current valid passport
  2. Email address
  3. Credit card to pay the K-ETA application fee
  4. Applicant’s face photo

The more detailed information you provide about your accommodation once you enter South Korea, the better your chances of being approved.
Flight tickets can be reserved after K-ETA approval, so there is no need to reserve in advance.



How to apply for K-ETA
- If you visit ETAPORTAL, click “K-ETA application” and agree to the terms of use and collection of personal information, the K-ETA application will be processed.
- Please enter your email and password. (Be sure to enter your actual email address)
- Please enter the detailed information of the person K-ETA application.
- Please attach your actual passport photo and face photo.
- Once you have entered all the information, click Pay and pay the K-ETA application fee with a card that supports overseas payments.
Please see below for information on cards that can be used to pay the K-ETA application fee.
<Information on cards that can be used to pay fees when K-ETA application>

Once your payment is successfully completed, you will receive an email notifying you that your registration has been completed.



K-ETA is valid for 3 years and there is no limit to the number of trips.
However, if you enter the country with K-ETA, you cannot stay longer than the visa-free stay period for each country.
<Information on the period of stay in Korea after K-ETA approval>

If you are planning a trip to Korea, don't forget to K-ETA application.
etaportal can help you apply for K-ETA.

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